Momin-Hub is an online Islamic institute that caters to the audiences all across the globe. Upon identifying the gap that has been created due to our over indulgence in the worldly issues, we have started this online institution to help each other get back to our roots and build back that connection with our Creator that we cannot survive without. Verily, He is the one who is aware of what's in our hearts, but to try our best is what we can do. So, we at Momin-hub thought why not try to do this together. Our objective is to create awareness on Islamic basis that taps on to various aspects of life. People from all ages, particularly the children and women are our primary focus for these education and awareness programs, for the kids are our future and women create these futures and lead the generations forward. Our endeavors are focused on becoming better human beings, better Muslims and to support each other in doing so. Our motivators, trainers and educationists work on your personal development and help you grow each day.

Our programs are wide and varied, stretching from the basics of Quran and Hadith to the depth and detail of Tajweed, Tafseer and Ethics. The areas our programs are based on include, but are not limited to, Quran recitation and Tafseer, Personal Development, Time Management, Self-Analysis and detailed discussion on assorted topics. You can subscribe to our newsletters, articles and experience the support that you are probably looking for since always. You can request a topic that you feel strongly connected to and want to know more about it, and we shall include it in our schedule to throw light on it. We have educationists from all over the world with diverse backgrounds to provide you authentic knowledge and build the right foundation for you. You can also share your ideas with us on how these services can be further improved and enhanced, for this is a combined effort and we are all learners here.

Sign up today and join our movement to become a better version of ourselves. Be more productive, achieve more and make the world and the world hereafter a better place for yourself to breathe in. if you want a difference in your life, if you look forward to become a better you and if you are also in quest of peace, this is the right place for you. Let us join hands and try our best together! May Allah guide us to the right path. Aameen!

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