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Why we do what we do?

Wondering? Why most of the times we do things which we actually don’t want to do. For example, watching TV most of the time, drinking caffeine, bunking classes, eating fast food, sleeping more and staying up till late at night.

One might say that it is due to lack of self discipline, yes! It’s true. But in case if lack of self discipline is stopping you from doing certain things which you actually want to accomplish. Then what is driving force which is pulling you towards those activities which you don’t want to do. Believe me or not, it is LOVE.

Surprised? You might say, No way or how can it possible? Let me explain

LOVE and HATE are 2 main deriving forces of the universe. LOVE actually pulls you towards those things, concepts or situations which you love. On the other hand, when you hate something, it stops you or pushes you away from that specific thing or situation.

Now, the problem is everyone wants to grow but hate to be grounded. Think about it,

“No seed can grow without being grounded”.

By grounding, I mean paying the price and getting every skill you need to acquire in order to be successful in that area.

Now let me explain through examples, did you ever notice what kind of thoughts you have popping up in your mind most of the time. And what kind of TV programs you watch from which you are trying to run away and failing.

Is there any relation between them? If your answer is No, then you must pay attention and observe closely.

In case of mine, I love surprises, I don’t know how but since childhood my mind constantly pops up the thoughts which is sometime having no connection with current life situation. When I observed closely, I figured out that all of them have one factor in common.  “Surprise”


So, unconsciously I started to get pulled by those things or people which I expect can have same touching factor.

As we all know, a system can’t be fixed without figuring out the problem. Just like a doctor can’t cure a patient without diagnosing properly.

So, take this information and use it like traffic signals.

Green Light: If you are doing something you don’t want to do, figure out the hidden love factor behind it.

Red Light: If you are not doing something which you actually want to do, figure out the hate factor behind it.

Yellow Light: If you are not paying attention towards anything it means you neither love it nor hate it.

  Tip: Notice your thoughts and day dreams. They will actually help you figure out a lot about yourself.

Now, once you figured out the hidden factors behind your actions. It will be very easy for you to change your actions, replant new thoughts and transform your habits.

Sadness, happiness, anger and fear are also helping factors in figuring out reasons behind our actions. So there is no need to worry about these things, once you figured out the pulling and pushing factors which are becoming hurdles in your way you can use them in your own way to transform your habits.

If you love something, write that down in your Reward list and gift it to yourself after achieving a milestone. The things you don’t enjoy will help you narrow down options and assist you in choosing best suited carrier option.



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