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Dua - The Power and Strength of a Muslim

There are times when we may feel like our Dua is not being answered. As a matter of fact, when we ask for something particular in a Dua and we do not get it, we just assume that our Dua was not answered, whereas in actual, that is not the case, because it is either of the three scenarios that actually take place as the fulfillment of our Dua. You never know what is best for you. Allah definitely knows what is best and He sure is the best of the planners. Therefore, He sometimes, keeps us safe from what we ask for in a Dua and grant us something much better than that, which we may not realize in the shorter run, but would definitely and eventually find out in the longer run.

When we make a Dua, it is needed to do it with the utmost faith that Allah Almighty will definitely listen to it and will grant is whatever is best for us. The heart and soul of a dua and the criteria of its fulfillment is the faith and belief with which we make it. Quran says, “Verily, Allah has the power over everything.” This Ayat verifies that nothing falls out of the confines of Allah’s will and power. He can do whatever He wills to do. He will just say Kun and whatever is intended will happen. So whenever you make a Dua, you should have the faith in these powers of Allah.

Dua is a weapon that can change your destiny. It is the power and strength of Muslims. When a Muslim makes a dua, he or she puts all of his or her matters in the hands of Almighty, leaves everything to Him and then just sits back and relax. That is how powerful and soothing dua is. No other religion in the world has the potential to give that kind of peace and relaxation, because no other religion has that kind of faith, because there is no god but Allah and the belief and faith in Him only can give this strength and relief.

Where Islam has taught us to ask for whatever one wills to in Dua, it has also taught us the ways to do so as well. There are Duas and prayers that the Muslims are made to memorize in the early years of life to ask for the wellness of the world and the world hereafter. The Sunnah of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW teaches us specific words and ways to ask for anything related to all aspects of life. From the birth of a child until the death of a person, there is a Dua that has been taught to us from Sunnah. There is a Dua to be recited when you wake up in the morning, and the one to be recited before you go to sleep. These Duas and prayers keep us sound and at ease all the time and in all the situations. No matter what you do, from eating to sleeping to riding to going to the washroom, one should always recite a Dua for it to make these daily activities a way of worshipping and adding to our virtues and good deeds. As a Muslim, we should memorize all these duas to gain virtues out of our routine activities. Such is the beauty of our religion. Even fulfilling our obligations as a Muslim leads us to our own benefit. We have been told simple ways of earning the ultimate goal- the Jannah!

The Holy Prophet (SAW) said: “the gates of mercy are opened for whoever has opened the door of Dua .” (Tirmidhi)

Dua (Prayer) is not just one of the strongest pillars of our faith but is also great evidence of it. We make dua to ask the Almighty Allah of whatever we want. Allah Almighty tells us to ask from Him whatever we want and He shall grant it to us. It is said that the Dua made by a true Muslim, with a staunch faith is never rejected. There are three primary ways of the fulfillment of a Dua (Prayer) i.e. one either gets whatever is asked for in a Dua, something better is granted against a Dua, or it works as a blessing to keep one safe from some upcoming trouble.

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