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You might be feeling that you are capable of doing so many things. You can do multi tasking. And you might be getting frustrated that why it seems very difficult to get things done when they are not such huge hectic tasks.

Anything that happens, there is always a reason behind it. So if you want to achieve your goals then first and foremost thing is to make an absolute clarity about…

what needs to be done?

What reasons are becoming hurdles in my way of becoming super productive person.

The second part comes first if you are failing again and again then you should brainstorm about the problems that are becoming hurdle in your way.

Now here is the proper strategy to deal with messy thoughts and ambiguity about your projects and life.

First and foremost rule to get things done is to plan out properly Then you are undertaking a drastic mistake if you are planning in your head and not writing it down on paper or device. You must write down things even if you are confused and you don’t even know that from where you should start. Just get something to write. Either pen and paper or a note in laptop or you can write in your mobile.

Start writing whatever comes to your mind. Don’t think about the pattern or questions.  Describe your feelings, your wishes and how things should be. All you need to write is what kind of life you want to have and currently what kind of problems you are dealing with.

Write down your feelings and if you are feeling reluctant then tell yourself that nobody is going to read it except me and the more you will write, the greater clarity you will get about yourself. It’s all about discovering and analyzing yourself. So keep writing until you feel like you are done.

Then re-read whatever you have written. Did you wrote in paragraphs or you made a list in bullets points? Do you think you should add something else? Don’t forget to write your goals, intentions and mistakes you want to avoid, things you want to get done, ideas, messy or undecided projects or the urgent work which is stealing your peace of mind. Include all the external and internal factors which are becoming hurdle in your way. And especially what are your expectations from yourself.

Now what you have to do is to read the whole piece of writing and analyze it as if you are a third person. Then clearly define in bullets points:

  1. Problems you are facing (mention internal and external factors separately)
  2. What needs to get done? (Do Not mix - Projects, Things needs to get done once, Routines etc. )

Now wait a minute! This is the point where most of people do mistakes. In order to organize your life and thoughts you must know the proper terms and categorize things accordingly.


After writing the problems, categorize these points and assign proper titles like


  • Activities
  • Urgent tasks
  • Projects
  • Mistakes
  • Routine tasks / Daily to Do
  • Monthly Tasks
  • Quarterly Task
  • Yearly Tasks
  • Others


Now deal every category separately. Make separate lists and by doing this you will get a clear mental picture of “what needs to be done”.


Now coming towards the tasks and activities, You can categorize every item under the following 4 D types:

  • Delete/ Cancel: If task is unimportant, delete it from list.
  • Delegate: If you can’t do it or you don’t want to do it by yourself then ask someone else to do it on your behalf.
  • Do it now / today: Don’t over burden yourself and try to make realistic list for one day.
  • Do it later / end date:  It is very important to assign proper end date to every project, task with proper date along with month and year.

After doing all this, all you have to do is to stick with these tasks and projects until done.

If you are steadfast person then you are good to go. Otherwise you can share the list with anyone who can motivate and enquire you on daily basis or set alarms and keep those lists visible. Stick those lists on wall or keep it on a place where you can see quite often. So that you don’t forgot about it.

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