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Peace - The Ultimate source of True Happiness

Peace- who does not need it? It is the biggest asset if one has it and a great loss if one has not. Peace is one of the greatest blessings of Allah Almighty. There are times when a person is unable to understand what is lacking, what does he or she needs or what is causing mental frustration. These are the times when you cannot find happiness in anything or anyone. This happens when you experience lack of peace in your life.  No matter how many luxuries and wealth you have, if you do not have peace within you, you are poor and miserable for it is the biggest wealth one needs to spend life with true happiness.

Peace is defined differently by different people. It might be different for different people as well, or in other words, peace comes from different factors for different people. In general, peace might mean the absence of any kind of disturbances, conflicts, tensions, depression or disruptions from one’s life. Peace is not just the absence of noise or the state of calmness and quietness, it is much wider and deeper than that. In a wider perspective, peace can be regarded as justice, prosperity, personal growth and progress.

Peace at times has to be found when lost. There are a lot of factors that can bring you peace. Peace, a lot of it, comes from contentment. One needs to be contented with what one has to be at peace. Those who are not contented and always want more and better will never be at peace, no matter how far they go or what they get in life. Peace also comes from being true to yourself, without being fake or judgmental and by staying positive. It also comes from patience. Some people meditate to seek peace, others stay alone and quiet. Yes, the external sources can bring peace to you but to begin with, you yourself are the primary and the ultimate source to bring yourself peace.

Peace is important because peace of an individual leads to the peace of a family and ultimately of a society. If one person in a family suffers from depression or any kind of mental issues and struggles to have peace, the entire family suffers along. Peace brings harmonies among societies and contributes to the factor of humanity and unity at large. Therefore, peace is an asset that is least appreciated but most needed. People do not usually realize the importance of peace when they have it and then crave for it when it’s gone. It is a blessing that resonates in everything you do. It is a feeling that shows on your face. It is a wealth that keeps you grounded and content with life.

Peace brings positive energies that we all need to spend these lives and to combat the negativities around. It is essential for survival, growth and happiness. One of the most logical and significant perspective on peace lies in the religion Islam. Islam is the religion that is the ultimate source of peace for humanity at large. It is the only religion that promises the food and energy for your soul and does not fail to consume the evil spirits from within and around you. The Muslims who stick to the teachings of Islam and spend their lives according to the teachings of Quran and Sunnah will be at peace, and the others will keep looking for it until they turn to seek help in religion. People, societies, organizations, religions all are looking for the solutions to the problems of lack of peace and true happiness, for they do not know, that the ultimate solution lies nowhere else but Islam. Islam teaches us the faith that removes all kinds of depressions and tensions from our lives, keeps all evil spirits at a distance and bring us the ultimate peace we all need. It basically comes from the state of submission, where a true believer submits himself or herself completely to the will of God. Such a believer does not get impatient. Such a believer does not complain and is contented with what Almighty Allah has blessed him or her with. This is when you achieve peace in its truest sense.

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