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Belief - The True Reflection of Who We Are!

Ever wondered why we act the way we do? What determines our actions and behaviors? What tells us to react in a certain way? It is the belief. Belief is faith. It is the system that dictates our practices, values, behaviors and attitude. It is the belief that determines our perspectives towards different things and situations in life. Belief is the strongest reality of who we are. It is our belief that defines us, that differentiates us from others and resonates in one’s own self to guide us in the choices of right and wrong.

The solution to a lot of problems of humans lie in the belief system. A lot of answers to our queries and curiosities lie in the belief system. It is this belief systems that creates religions that separate us- the Muslims, from the other religions. It is our belief that tells us how the world came into being, how the humans were created, why the humans were created, how humans were divided into different religions and sects, how to worship God and what lies outside the confines of our belief system that can cause harm to our faith. The birth, life, death and everything that happens in between is the teaching of our belief. Even what happens after death and why does it happen also comes from the belief. It is the belief that tells us who has the supremacy over all and who is the Creator of us all, who created all these creations, the universe, the earth and the seven skies.

A general explanation of belief is a strong emotion that brings certainty. When you have strong certainty about certain ideas, people, or perspectives, it forms a belief. Beliefs can be positive or can negative as well. Beliefs can be internal i.e. about one’s own self and can be external, i.e. about others.  Belief is also, in most the contexts, taken as the faith. The word is associated with the religious relevance of it. It is the belief system that determines our choices in life or, contrarily, it is our choices in life that reflect our belief system. It is due to this reason, people from different faiths, religions and belief system behave differently and have different views, ideas, opinions, choices and attitudes.

Belief is different from judgment. It is different from knowledge. Knowledge comes from some authentic verifiable source. Judgment is a formed opinion. Belief, on the other hand, are the thoughts, perspectives and attitudes that are built unconsciously and turn us into who we are. Most importantly, knowledge is what has been confirmed and verified, whereas people from certain beliefs do not seek for verification or validation. If it is your belief, it has to be accepted by the peers without any kind of evidences, proofs or logics.

Belief systems cannot always be manifested. This means that from the general attitudes, behaviors and habit, the belief systems cannot be inferred or judged. Belief systems are so deep rooted, so unconsciously developed and expressed that sometimes even the person himself or herself gets confused but what his or her belief system is.  However, it is the forms of expression, the attitude the behavior that allow a certain degree of manifestation in this whole scenario. Within certain religions, different belief systems form distinct sects. Some of the commonly found sects in our context include Sunni, Shiah, Christians and many more. Again, it is the difference of actions, practices and attitudes that reflect this difference of beliefs.

The beliefs of a person are the mental representation of the world around him or her. The reason why it is important to identify, understand and explore the belief systems is because it is one of the foundations in building societies and civilizations. When a group of people together share the same belief system, it gives to a society and then this group of people keeps multiplying and hence the societies and sects continue to have the same belief system across all generations. People or groups or societies from different beliefs can interact with another with a significant level of tolerance and knowledge of the beliefs of the other.

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