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Time Management - Step By Step Method For Time Management

Time management skills can help you make best use of the time you do have. It is important to learn time management skill. Without it you won’t be able to achieve more in less time.  If learned properly, time management can result in focus, high productivity, less stress, more clarity and least distractions. So you can make most out of each day and get closer to your desired self.

Keep track of your time

It is important to keep track of your time. In order to know, how exactly you are spending every minute of your day you need to do a 3 day exercise. Make an hourly list for 3 days consecutively. You can use papers, diary and electronic device or print it in advance.

Now for 3 days just carefully observe and write exactly what you did in every hour.  This exercise will help you become more realistic and assist you in reducing distractions.

Minimize distractions

You might be busy already in doing important activities. But will these activities help you achieve your goal? If anything distracts your attention away from achieving your goals it will be considered as distraction. Distractions are enemies of time management.

No matter what sort of distractions are there, it is very important to realize the shortcomings of these distractions. You must be willing to quit unnecessary activities you do all day. Learning time management is easier said than done. Even if you have to shut of your phone, say good bye to social media or you have to say no to your friends and family. Just be more focused and keep an eye on your end objective.

Work working in the right environment

Finding the right place for you is crucial. Pick an area where you can sit alone so no one can distract you. Get rid of any electronic device which can steal your attention away.

Make a master list

The next step for time management is to make a master list of all projects and goals you want to achieve.

Daily activities and anything you want to avoid must not be there in this list. Just add small and big projects and activities which need to be done only once. For repeated task you can make daily routine list or weekly list separately for time management.


Chunking is an important process of time management as you cannot eat full plate in one bite. So cut down every project in manageable bites. If done properly, chunking can make your tasks surprisingly easier to handle. The reason behind procrastinating is that when you imagine a complete project it scares your mind and prevents you from doing it. So, do chunking in a way that every chunk can easily be done in 15 to 20 minutes. If any chunk scares you then chunk it down in more pieces until you feel you can do it easily.

Prioritize tasks

Without prioritizing you can easily go off track. It is essential in time management process to prioritize every project according to importance and urgency.

Time limit required for each task

This step of time management might seem difficult to you but it will certainly add details and clarification. Measuring the time required can prevent you from overlooking and underestimating the time required for each chunk. . Time management will show you accurate picture. You will be amazed when you see the total time required for every project. Ask yourself if this project is worth spending such amount of time

End date for each chunk with proper reward system

Do not underestimate this part of time management. Putting end date can force you to do task on urgent basis. Recall a memory of exam or paper; did you notice how much you accomplish when you know you will be tested next day? Similarly, putting an end date can create artificial sense of urgency. Additionally set a beautiful reward system on multiple chunks or projects (Whatever suits you most). Read your chunks along with end date and have a look on reward; it must encourage you to do the task as soon as possible. Otherwise you have to rework on your lists and keep it lenient. A continuous effort is required to learn time management until it become easier for you.

Enter everything in your calendar and set alarms and reminders

It is easy to make plan and forget it at all. So, setting hourly calendar is best solution. Set alarms and reminders on your phone or tablet. Find any suitable application which suits you most. I personally recommend Google Calendar as it works perfectly and send notifications on all devices.

Ask someone to keep check on you

Last but not least, share your calendar with a family member or friend and permit them to keep checking on you. It is easy to stay on track if you are answerable to someone. Time management skills are important for your career advancement so don’t be shy.

Night time blue print

 Have a look on your master list and chunking list every night and plan for the next day in advance. Mark the chunks that needs to be done upcoming allows your subconscious to prepare in advance and prevent you from getting distracted next day.

Do not over burden yourself

If you will be avoiding all of your hobbies and ignoring your family members to achieve everything in one go. It does not reflect good time management skills and it will eventually result in paying no attention to your schedule at all. So do not over burden yourself and put the end dates wisely.

Teach time management skill to others

Follow this step by step method and in order to make it a habit teach the time management skill to others. It will help make you become an expert in time management.

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