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Husband and Wife Relationship in Islam

The religion of Islam came with the law and gave every man their justice. The woman does not suffer injustice. Islam has purified women. Whether husbands, mothers or sisters, Islam has given women an important role in community service for the education of future generations, in accordance with the law. Women had a well-known position in the life of SAWW.

The couple's relationship between the man and woman must be based on love and compassion, so that each spouse can be comforted. Islam has made women's rights mandatory for her husband, even though he is guided by her principles. If people worked according to these principles it would finally be happiness and joy and love between the spouses. Allah has commanded the man to act with charity towards his wife and witness in the Qur'an

"Bring Charity" [AL Nisa / Ayah 19].

It is the blessing of Allah that a man is given a wife as companion and mother of his children. Therefore, the woman is not a slave or a person who suffers an injustice to her husband. There is no oppression or domination between man and woman, without love, understanding and mutual respect. The Holy Prophet PBUH explained that in the underworld there are goods and that the virtuous woman is among the best goods.

There are many tips and rules for a good marriage that leads to a harmonious relationship between a man and a woman and where the man gets his wife's love and attention. Of all other things, a man must honor his wife. She is the mother of her children and secret custodian. It is necessary for a man to respect his wife, love her, care for her and be gentle and compassionate towards her. Don't let your ego intervene between your relationships or act in a cruel way that hurts both. Allah's Messenger said that:

"The best of you is the one who treats best to their wives, and I am the best with my wives.” Our Prophet SAWW cooked, cleaned and took the trash out. He never treated his wives like maids. Rather He treated them like loving partners. So we should be like Muhammad SAWW.

Anyone who wants to be described as a messenger must be gentle and kind to his wife. The last messenger Prophet Muhammad PBUH recommended to live well with wife to endure what she can do to ignore some errors that may occur. Allah's Messenger was the living example of a perfect husband. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to follow wisdom, tenderness and compassion with his wife. Do not invite your wife to do things she cannot maintain, be with her when there is a problem and you will get her love and respect.

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