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Benefits of Dates

Some fruits and vegetables are eaten more by the Holy Prophet PBUH. The date is one of the fruits that Hazrat Muhammad loved and used in his daily life. Consumption of date increases especially during the month of Ramadan. Muslims all over the world are breaking fast with dates.

Ajwa dates are the most popular food of the Holy Prophet PBUH. This information is unique and available in Madina, a Saudi city. Allah has done too much shifa in this fruit to cure a variety of diseases and it is good for the individual's mental health.

According to various sources, the last prophet of Islam said: "All who fast for the sake of Allah must fast with the dates, if not, then with water as water is a cleaner. "

Many companions of the Holy Prophet PBUH stated that they believed in the nutrients and healthiness of dates and preferred them over other foods. If there was no ripe date, he replaced them with raisin dates. The Prophet said, "If anyone starts day with Ajwa every morning, he will not be affected by poison or magic that day until late at night."

• It is rich in vitamins, proteins and fats.

• Contains natural fibers that are effective in the treatment of stomach cancer.

• It also contains many other important ingredients such as potassium, iron and calcium, which are healthy for the individual's body.

• Delays the aging process and immunizes foreign organs. It is extremely healthy for the brain.

• It is easy to digest, cleanse the kidneys and improve blood circulation.

• Against parasitic diseases, the delivery date helps to heal quickly.

• It is used as a remedy for cancer and hepatitis.

According to modern scientific evidence, it now turns out that a date is a minimum requirement for a balanced diet. Arab countries often use dates for breakfast. In combination with yogurt and butter you get a combination of healthy foods. Science has identified the benefits of dates years later.  Our Holy Prophet PBUH and Islam mentioned the benefits of dates 140 years ago

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