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Stress Free Hyper Productivity

Do you want to be hyper productive without getting overwhelmed? Is it Ok to feel overwhelmed? Is stress part of life or can we actually accomplish a lot without getting stress?


Hyper productivity is only possible when you are conscious calm and focus. Taking tension or being stressed out will lead you towards procrastination and laziness. You might be feeling overwhelmed due to exams, business, home or career etc. But the question arises how to focus when when you are actually in pressure.


From my experience, I learned that it is very important to get things out of my head in order to focus. For this You need to keep some sort of system that keep track of your productivity or goals for you.

As most of us suffer from the thought that, Am I doing the most important thing? Should I be doing this or something more important? No matter what you do your subconscious mind make you fear of being wrong at making decisions.

Does it happen to you that you forgot something so important and realized that you delayed an important task for days. It is just because you haven't any set up system which can keep record of your work and commitments. If you follow along, I will explain a system that has discrete steps and it would not take much time on daily basis. Keeping proper systems and making habit to follow along is the only guaranteed way to succeed.


Steps for Stress Free Hyper Productivity


Step 1: Visualization and Mind Mapping


It is very important to be able to visualize the scenario before you actually manage a task. Just grab a pen and paper. Start writing the important areas of your life.

For examples: Career, Fitness, Home, Relationships, Social etc

If you want to do it on white board or an online tool, choice is all yours. But it is always better to do draw it first with a physical tool in your hand.

Some Online mind Mapping tools are : Mind Meister, Mind view etc



Step 2: Categorize properly


Now Once you finished writing areas of your life, Now take some time to expland it and categorize those areas in to different points you need to work on. Fill in details step by step but keep it short and to the point. Actual goals in to summerize the goals you want to accomplish. So that, you can see the bigger picture and evaluate either it will bring results or not. It might take 15 to 30 minutes but right after drawing the mind map, You will bring clarity in your life. It will make you feel more clear and certain about your priorities and decisions.


Let's say if one of your category is Job/Business - then your next level can be your job roles or your company names. Incase you are a student then your next step will be to mention subjects name.

 If you are detail oriented and you want to keep separate mind maps for every area of your life. Go ahead and fill more details




Provide as many details as necessary. Make sure not to left any point.


Step 4: Making Lists


Always Remember that human brain doesn't multitask. All it does is to go back and forth and try to focus on the task at hand. So make sure to remove all distractions. Put your phone away or in silent mode and ask your self the following questions:


  1. What are the most important tasks which I need to get done at any cost? (Urgent Tasks)
  2. What are the tasks which are not urgent but important and Should be kept on First Priority.
  3. What are the task which I want to do but they are neither important nor urgent.

Convince yourself that these tasks might trigger happiness for a while like wathcing funny vidoes. But in the long run if not compensated with important tasks, then you will suffer. The pain in ducking is greater than the fear of failure. Make Sure, Do not include any task which is neither important nor urgent. You might reward your self Once you get all your imprtant task done.

List all the important tasks . Remember that putting all your thoughts on paper will eventually help you feel in control.

Step 3:  Plan Your Productive week


Once you finished working on it. Pick a day and time let's say Monday Morning and commit yourself that you will spend 10 to 20 mints maximum to make sure that your mind map is and Task lists are up to date. Then pick 30 to 40 tasks you will accomplish this week.

After that all you have to do is to make sure to keep that list in mind so that you don't finish up doing less important or useless things. You can put your mind map on front of your desk or set it as your desktop/mobile wallpaper. Just to make sure that you are on the track, focusing on important tasks in order to be productive.


Step 4: Stop multitasking and Focus on One task


Remove all distractions and focus on just one task and it will boost your speed and level of concentration. Use Pomodoro Technique (Developed by Francesco Cirillo in late 1980’s, If you care to know). The technique uses a timer for a short interval like 25 minutes of focused work and then take 5 mints break. Try to do maximum pomordoro sessions in a day. This way it will be easier for you to keep record of your work routine on daily basis.

You can use any timer, app or clock. If you don’t like the tick tock voice of clock then you can use hour glass (sand glass also called sand timer).



Step 5: Reward Yourself with short breaks

Working for long interval will eventually make you feel bored and less focused. Try to keep your pomodoro session in between 25 to 45 minutes. Personally, I work for 45 mints and then take break for 15 mints. So that, I can take tea or eat something easily. It is totally up to you. But try to integrate short breaks in after every pomodoro session.


Step 6: Stick to the habit

Try your best to finish all the assigned task during the first week. Incase you succeded at finishing complete list in time. Then you can add more task anytime. If you tried, but unabled to finish all the tasks in a week then try to pick less amount of task for next week. Notice how many tasks you are usually able to manage in a week. Make sure to sit down again next week and update your mind map and lists to start over again with more enthusism.

The pleasure of productivity is way more high then the fear of failure!

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