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The reasons behind not achieving the best version of yourself

Wondering?  What can be the reasons behind not achieving the best version of you?

A good cook never miss important ingredients, same is the case with life. Top performers never forget to enlist all the important ingredients and take best care of their quantity and quality, to ensure success.

We live in a life full of distractions where we almost forgot even to think about our self, health, and family expectations and especially about purpose of our life. So just like you can’t build a company without any planning and brainstorming, same is the case with your life. You have to think and take your self as an organization. The problem is we don’t take enough care of ourselves, but we think that we are giving more than enough to ourselves. How one can know that if it is giving enough care to itself or not? The answer is simple: “Are you taking care of your self- respect?” If not then you are making a big mistake.

The worse thing ever happen to anyone is the only the “repentance on death bed (thinking that you certainly can do more, and you need another chance)”

So make a clear mission that you will work until you die and you will be the best version of yourself. Do the things which make you proud of yourself.

The point to be noted here is that: please don’t be typical to think like you want to make your parents proud of you, or your teachers. Don’t ever dream to be a best lover. Believe me, this will not work. Dream to be “consistent person who always work hard and do only what he/she loves to do”.

Security check: If you are doing any ting just because someone else like it, the results will be temporary and end result will only be suffering. Please make sure whatever you do, you do it just because you love it and you believe that this is something you know you can do better than others.

Another security check: Please don’t ever try to compete with others, you are you and others are others. Believe in this saying that

“Every person in the universe is the prime number only divisible by it-self”.

Earlier I talked about self respect; Self respect is not showing others that you are a respectable one and not letting anyone to kick you. Rather self respect means showing yourself that you take care of your feelings, your dreams, your values through working hard enough to make your dreams come true. Self respect is something which is gained slowly and steadily through killing procrastination, focusing on what is really important and producing outputs. Remember that only end results will make you feel better and the more you sweat the higher your self-respect or self image will be!

You can never be best version of yourself unless you stop measuring your value in eyes of others. You should not even care about this. Only be concerned with yourself. You will soon be able to remove all distractions and focus on your work and level of your productivity.

You have just one life, the only chance. So, your map must be clear and It must lead you in the right direction. Don’t worry if you still don’t know what really is the purpose of your life, Keep reading my articles I am going to share all the important ingredients and formulas which will help you clear mess from your mind and soon you will left with the only thing you should focus on!

Let me come back to the point, why we don’t achieve best version of ourselves, the number one reason is that we don’t have “clarity”.

We don’t even know the purpose of our life. Every day we just wonder and think about mass of things around us. We spend day with confusions in our mind and end it in the same way. And this is what we call “life”.

The truth is there is no map of your life. You have to create it! But certainly you are a unique combination of qualities. So you and only you can figure out what are those qualities and enlist everything you love to do. Think about it. What are the things which you can do better than others? If you want to be successful and easygoing person, then turn your favorite hobby into your business. How you can do it? Well how can I know? It is only you who knows the worth of your feelings associated with your liking. If you really take care of your self-respect then find out a way and be the best version of yourself.

To Do List

  1. Enlist all of your qualities
  2. Enlist everything you love to do
  3. Enlist what you want to do in life, why you want to do it and for whom.

Rule Book:

  1. Stop your-self immediately while you are procrastinating and think of end result


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