Privacy Policy of Momin Hub

Momin-hub is committed to protect the privacy of its users.

Momin-hub believes in transparency and does not make any use of your data without bringing it to your notice. In order to ensure your privacy while using Momin-hub, make sure you read the following Privacy Policy and agree to it before proceeding ahead.

The policy details how the features of Momin-hub work and how your personal information and data is treated. Your information might be needed to enable your subscriptions and to provide you the services. By accepting this policy, you agree to our privacy terms at Momin-hub and allow us to use the data the scenarios described below:

  • No information shared will be dispatched to any other party for business or any other purpose.
  • Any information received from the users will only be utilized for the purpose of delivering the utility of the features and services at Momin-hub.
  • To enable subscriptions, users will have to provide a valid email address.
  • Depending on the services you choose to use at Momin-hub, additional information of the users may also be required, like full name, address, age etc. This information will only be used for the delivery of the chosen service or feature.
  • The information provided by the users as well as their data may be utilized for the purpose of analytics as well, to ensure better performance of the website and its features.
  • In order to provide better experience to our users, the website uses cookies to understand how you interact with the site.
  • Messages sent to us directly shall be kept anonymous and will not be used in any way against your will or consent.
  • Once the information has been shared with Momin-hub, you cannot demand it back. Momin-hub is not responsible to delete anyone’s information or data from the back-end databases.
  • The website may use the information of your location to customize the features and services for you, if needed.
  • If you choose to join us at the social media sites, your information and data from your social media accounts may be used for the purpose of improved service delivery and performance of the site.
  • Data may be received from the connected third parties for the purpose of ensuring improved user experience.
  • Information like your IP address may be obtained to enable downloads, subscriptions and other features.
  • Any subscriber will not have access to the information provided by other subscribers at Momin-hub.
  • Your name, personal information, email address shall not be disclosed to any third party without seeking your consent. Momin-hub will only make use of this information for the purpose of optimizing its own site performance and features.

Note: Please note that Momin-hub may change its Privacy Policy from time to time with or without notifying the subscribers and users. Make sure you stay updated with the changing policies at Momin-hub.

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