Terms and Conditions of Momin Hub

The Terms of Use at Momin-hub are clear and straight forward. It is mandatory for the users to agree to these Terms of Use in order to avail the features and services of Momin-hub or to download the available packages. The acceptance of these terms also enable the users to contribute to the site by bringing their own ideas and suggestions as well.

The users are advised to go through the following Terms and Conditions before using Momin-hub or subscribing to any of its features. Any kind of activity on the website signals your acceptance of the following terms.

Note: Phrases like “Terms of Use”, “Terms and Conditions”, or “Terms” are all used synonymously for the following clauses and policies. Wherever any of the phrases are used on the website, following clauses are meant by it.

  • Momin-hub has zero tolerance policy for any kind of promotion for the religious or cultural sects. The promotion of any particular religious sect is strictly against the policies of Momin-hub and any user trying to do so would be banned from the website.
  • Users are advised to register or subscribe only through their own , valid email addresses. Using multiple email addresses or the ids of someone else is not allowed under these policies.
  • Using bad or abusive languages in sending us the message or your submissions is strictly prohibited.
  • Momin-hub is solely and primarily an Islamic and self-help website. The use of it for any other purpose or aim is not at all allowed or appreciated.
  • Any kind of derogatory or illegal material, harassing comments or copyrighted material submitted to Momin-hub shall not be tolerated and such users will be banned from the website.
  • The rights of the content are held by the Momin-hub alone. The images, videos and other content on the website solely belongs to Momin-hub and the use of this content on any other website for business or any other commercial purpose is not allowed.
  • Users are advised to read the “Privacy Policy” in detail before using the website. It is mandatory to read and accept the Privacy Policy in order to use Momin-hub
  • The personal information of any other individual, without his or her consent, may not be given to Momin-hub for whatever reason.
  • Momin-hub only provides you connectivity to its official social media pages. Misuse of your data or information on these social media sites will not be the responsibility of Momin-hub.

Disclaimer: Going against the policy or any action against the aforementioned clauses will automatically ban you from the website forever. Banned individuals will not be able to access the website again with the same email addresses or IP addresses.

Note: It must be noted that Momin-hub may change its Terms and Conditions from time to time, with or without notifying the users. Therefore, the users are advised to stay updated with the changes in the terms on their own.

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